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We like to color out of the GUIDELINES

Posted in Uncategorized on February 28, 2011 by ½nelsonpress

So we’ve been pretty vague with what it is we’re looking for. So here are some lists that I hope helps



Short Fiction

Flash Fiction

Clip of a longer piece






Areas of Expertise



Speculative Fiction

Magical Realism

Odd/Out of Place

Comic Book


Video Games





Every entry should state on the first page…



word count


Word Count

Currently, max 1800 words.


Words: (.doc) please.

Art: (.jpeg)(.jpg)(.png) only.

Just because its universal for any computer I happen to be working on.

Think of it this way, look at your piece one last time before you send it to us. Does it seem like that weird kid in the back corner of the class who kind of talks to himself and smells distinctly like Fritos? Is it something that if read at your Family’s Thanksgiving Dinner would probably have Aunt Etie keel over in the Salad bowl with her third heart attack? Or is it something you know will always be misunderstood and you like it that way?

We want it! Send it! Even if you are unsure, we’ll read it and see how it fits. We’re nice people, I pinky swear.


1/2 Nelson Issue #1 (status: complete!)

Posted in Uncategorized on February 24, 2011 by ½nelsonpress

So shiny and lovely!

So Jon spent a day at the printers while I toiled away at my new job. Thank you Justin for helping us get this finished, who knows if we would ever have gotten it printed!!

After the whole day spent at the printers, we finished Daria Season 3 while separating, stapling, and folding 150 copies. (Ps. Thanks pat for the killer stapler seen in the photo).

This is features…..

Cover Art by Gage Lindsten

And Stories by….

Chelsey Baggot

Jovan Gudger

Justin Bostian

Jon Natzke

Greg Baldino

AND Deb Lewis!

We also feature a really awesome game page at the end.

Okay so now for distrubuting time! Whoot! Got a specific store you’d like to see 1/2 Nelson at? Shoot us a line either on our Facebook or our e-mail


So where the heck are all those submissions for issue two? Come on people I know you got that weird story where steam punk meets lord of the rings! We want them! Send them to us now, kthanx!



– Samantha “The Pantha” LaFountain

F.A.Q Just Fo’ You

Posted in Uncategorized on October 20, 2010 by ½nelsonpress

If I submit a story to you and it is published, may I have it published somewhere else later on?

Of course! We just want to publish you, we want to get your stuff out there, kiddo. No worries, we’re not some evil corporation who one day down the line is going to sue your butt for printing that story somewhere else (probably with some much more high class publisher….) because we just want to see you get out there. We’re just two dorks who like Kinkos (or at least I like Kinkos…isn’t Fedex Office now?), not Death Eaters in suits (cough*lawyers*cough). Don’t make fun of me because I used a Harry Potter reference.


Can I submit a bunch of times?

Yes! And Please do! I mean, we can’t print you twice in one issue BUT we can save the stuff you do send in for later. Maybe we’ll start doing themed issues and stuffed and that hippo cyborg story you have would really fit in better with our killer armageddon issue. So please, submit as much as you like, just make sure the stuff is clean and professional.


So why is it free?

I kind of struggled with this for a bit but I realized that today, to get anything new off the ground, people won’t take it unless it is free. So maybe one day down the road, 1/2 Nelson will be a non-free zine but we need to make a name for ourselves right now. I don’t want to give people the idea that everything in life should be free–because people need to make money, however, for now, we are free.



Clams in a can!

Posted in Uncategorized on October 11, 2010 by ½nelsonpress

We got ourselves two submissions! Look at us being all legit and stuff.

[Internal high five]

Should I continue speaking as we or me?

Anyway, We got two submissions and yes, we do accept multiple submissions! We love them in fact! It’s like throwing a whole bowl of candy at us [mainly Werther’s Originals, please!]


So keep sending them submissions!

Fuck you, we rock!

Posted in Uncategorized on October 3, 2010 by ½nelsonpress

Hello world! We are 1/2 Nelson Press!

We, as in so far, Jon and I….

Anyway, we hope to be a kick-ass free zine getting people’s awesome writing out in the world to be read by people…and things like that.

We need submissions, we need people interested, and we need to get a first issue out!

So what is out deal? what are we gonna publish. My pitch was, “Nerdy stuff.” But Jon wanted, “To do weird stories no one knows what to do with.”

So we’re mixing it. Got a genre story? Something with robots humping? Vampires of the non-sparkly persuasion? Got an article about why Superman is so much cooler than Batman? Got a review of that awesome steampunk novel no one has ever heard of? Send it to us.

Word count: 1800 max.

Goals: Being awesome (oh wait, already got that). Uh…. online submissions? A real dot come site.

Submit to:   [.doc only. Thanks!]