Oh hey remember that thing…

We’re not dead.


Well at least we hope we aren’t. Sometimes I have this moment where I think I am really dead and working in retail is my hell. Like this one time I totally thought I was in the matrix when I fell asleep in class—


That is hardly the point though.


I do want to have this issue printed not just because I like it but because we promised these really awesome artists that we would print their shit. That was a promise and we’re completely dropping the ball.


I feel like a douchebag.


I’m not good at this stuff, you know? 1/2 Nelson is suppose to be fun and kick ass and to always be on my terms. My first rule when starting 1/2 Nelson, the moment it wasn’t fun anymore was the moment it had to end. And I shouldn’t have to choose between paying my loans so I can get back in school and printing a book that I don’t see any revenue back from (that sounds bitter but really, it is the truth).


Now, don’t panic. This isn’t a break up letter. At least we don’t think it is. I think this is a we need to bring our relationship to the next level letter. Its hard to print this stuff with limited funds. And its hard to stay focused when its a two person thing who has separate jobs and separate lives and separate artsy things to do on their own. Setting up and formatting the issue can be super boring as well, it eats up a lot of time and requires a lot of cutting, pasting, and patience. And I have a habit to lose interest quickly which makes it take longer for that to get finished. If this was the only big project I was working on in my life, it would get done faster.


So here is my proposal for issue Three.  We will print on demand (this will have a price tag but you would only be paying for printing costs).


And offer a .pdf version of 1/2 Nelson for e-readers and junk for free.


Contributors who do get into the issue will receive two free copies as usual, printed of course.


If you hate it, punch us in the gut (I cry easily).


If you like, let us know.


We hate feeling like douchebags and I try my best not to be one unless the individual who is at the receiving end is completely and utterly deserving.


Oh. And the cover? We got it. Its going to be embarrassing but we got it.


2 Responses to “Oh hey remember that thing…”

  1. Paul Costoff Says:

    Sounds very reasonable. Looking to cover your expenses does not make you a douchebag.

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