Issue Three ?!

Okay, so you might think, why are you talking about Issue Three? Where the FUCK is Issue Two?

Good news! Issue Two is complete, finished it today. So we’re gonna give it a run through,s pell check it and what not, then scrape money together to print it.

However, we want Issue Three out by October!!!!!!!! OCTOBER! We’ve still got a lot of great submissions we’re going through but for issue three we are going to have a twist…..

We were hoping to exploit the spooky/scary/gory cliche the holiday gives us.

So got a horror story? Or a story that is pretty scary?

We are looking for:
– dates gone wrong
– monster
– ghosts
– murders
– blood
– guts
– thrillers!
– kevin bacon’s nooooosssseeee!
– a cover! We need a cover image and make it spooooky or something that can be interpreted as spooky (if anything I will just put a picture of Kevin bacon’s nose.

Does it get the heart racing? Does it make your stomach lurch? We want that story for the spooky special of Half Nelson for October.

Here are our standard guidlines for submitting:


Short Fiction
Flash Fiction
Clip of a longer piece

Every entry should state on the first page…
word count
Word Count

Currently, max 1800 words.

Words: (.doc) please.

Art: (.jpeg)(.jpg)(.png) only.
Just because its universal for any computer I happen to be working on.


Think of it this way, look at your piece one last time before you send it to us. Does it seem like that weird kid in the back corner of the class who kind of talks to himself and smells distinctly like Fritos? Is it something that if read at your Family’s Thanksgiving Dinner would probably have Aunt Etie keel over in the Salad bowl with her third heart attack? Or is it something you know will always be misunderstood and you like it that way?

We want it! Send it! Even if you are unsure, we’ll read it and see how it fits. We’re nice people, I pinky swear.


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