Where the fuck is issue two, assholes?

I know that is what you all are thinking.

I know.

So now excuses, no bringing up how I owe Columbia College (did I not mention they sent me to collections?), I won’t say anything about my new job I am adjusting to, or maybe the fact that I moved. Nothing. Won’t say a word about that stuff. Why? Well, I find excuses to be super lame and I made a promise that I would stick to something I loved and not let fall into the black abyss of procrastination that is run by gnomes called insecurities and doubt. And Jon’s got school, that’s a legit excuse though. Seriously. School comes first.

Why would I ever put Half Nelson on the back burner? I love Half Nelson and we actually put an issue out. I can’t even explain how proud of myself I am for that. I kind of want to have a plack made saying, “YOU DID SOMETHING YOU LAZY BITCH!” And then underneath it would read, “SO KEEP DOING SHIT!”

So no excuses, just a simple apology and keep sending those admissions.

For everyone who is waiting for a response on their submissions, I pinky swear I have read them and you will be hearing from me. I still need to find my printer in all my unpacked boxes and read the stuff that will be looked at for Issue #3.

So this is just so you know, we are not dead. And we are not undead creatures coming for your flesh…because gross. Seriously. Why would you think that? You’re gross.

But I still love you.

I’m out,

Samantha “Hot as Tesla Coils” LaFountain

P.s. I’ll update again when I finish building Issue# 2


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