Half Nelson’s Not-so-Official Badass Mascot — John L. Sullivan

John "The Boston Strongboy" L. Sullivan

John "The Boston Strongboy" L. Sullivan

When looking for someone to strive after, a hero if you will, it’s best to find the last and first of its kind. That’s John (“mother-fuckin'”) L. Sullivan.

He was the last Heavy-Weight Champion of Bare-Knuckle Brawling and the first Heavy-Weight World Champion of Gloved Boxing! And did we mention his facial hair is so badass it could put you in headlock just by looking at it wrong?!

John L. was the perfect formula for a bad-ass champ:

– Ruthless

– Irish

– Unstoppable

– Hate for authority/authority figures (even though apparently him and Teddy R. were pals)

– Balls of steel


John was great because he brought boxing up as a real sport in America and was the first Athelete to make more than million dollars! Wow! Straight up, Baller.


Wanna read more about John L Sullivan?

Badass of the Week

John L. Sullivan: The Career of the First Gloved Heavyweight Champion by Adam J. Pollack

Reminiscences of a 19th Century Gladiator – The Autobiography of John L. Sullivan by John L. Sullivan, James Bishop and Teddy Roosevelt



So in conclusion, expect to see more Johnny Boy here. I’m buying a poster right now to place above my bed to dream in badass and bring Half Nelson up to the badass level John L. Sullivan created, owned, and annihilated!




– Samantha “Cut Yo Ass” LaFountain


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