1/2 Nelson Issue #1 (status: complete!)

So shiny and lovely!

So Jon spent a day at the printers while I toiled away at my new job. Thank you Justin for helping us get this finished, who knows if we would ever have gotten it printed!!

After the whole day spent at the printers, we finished Daria Season 3 while separating, stapling, and folding 150 copies. (Ps. Thanks pat for the killer stapler seen in the photo).

This is features…..

Cover Art by Gage Lindsten

And Stories by….

Chelsey Baggot

Jovan Gudger

Justin Bostian

Jon Natzke

Greg Baldino

AND Deb Lewis!

We also feature a really awesome game page at the end.

Okay so now for distrubuting time! Whoot! Got a specific store you’d like to see 1/2 Nelson at? Shoot us a line either on our Facebook or our e-mail halfnelsonpress@gmail.com.


So where the heck are all those submissions for issue two? Come on people I know you got that weird story where steam punk meets lord of the rings! We want them! Send them to us now, kthanx!



– Samantha “The Pantha” LaFountain


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