F.A.Q Just Fo’ You

If I submit a story to you and it is published, may I have it published somewhere else later on?

Of course! We just want to publish you, we want to get your stuff out there, kiddo. No worries, we’re not some evil corporation who one day down the line is going to sue your butt for printing that story somewhere else (probably with some much more high class publisher….) because we just want to see you get out there. We’re just two dorks who like Kinkos (or at least I like Kinkos…isn’t Fedex Office now?), not Death Eaters in suits (cough*lawyers*cough). Don’t make fun of me because I used a Harry Potter reference.


Can I submit a bunch of times?

Yes! And Please do! I mean, we can’t print you twice in one issue BUT we can save the stuff you do send in for later. Maybe we’ll start doing themed issues and stuffed and that hippo cyborg story you have would really fit in better with our killer armageddon issue. So please, submit as much as you like, just make sure the stuff is clean and professional.


So why is it free?

I kind of struggled with this for a bit but I realized that today, to get anything new off the ground, people won’t take it unless it is free. So maybe one day down the road, 1/2 Nelson will be a non-free zine but we need to make a name for ourselves right now. I don’t want to give people the idea that everything in life should be free–because people need to make money, however, for now, we are free.




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