Fuck you, we rock!

Hello world! We are 1/2 Nelson Press!

We, as in so far, Jon and I….

Anyway, we hope to be a kick-ass free zine getting people’s awesome writing out in the world to be read by people…and things like that.

We need submissions, we need people interested, and we need to get a first issue out!

So what is out deal? what are we gonna publish. My pitch was, “Nerdy stuff.” But Jon wanted, “To do weird stories no one knows what to do with.”

So we’re mixing it. Got a genre story? Something with robots humping? Vampires of the non-sparkly persuasion? Got an article about why Superman is so much cooler than Batman? Got a review of that awesome steampunk novel no one has ever heard of? Send it to us.

Word count: 1800 max.

Goals: Being awesome (oh wait, already got that). Uh…. online submissions? A real dot come site.

Submit to: halfnelsonpress@gmail.com   [.doc only. Thanks!]


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